Cooking Video – Crispy Bibimbap

Just in time for Halloween, not that I intended that in any way or I can force any relations between bibimbap and Halloween, here comes my first self-produced cooking video on crispy bibimbap.

Korean tacos come to Atlanta

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Interview: Smoked Olive Oil

Walk down any grocery store aisle in the United States and you will find a bounty of olive oils flavored with garlic, orange, lemon, chili pepper and rosemary. You may have one or two spending shelf time your pantry shelf right now. But you probably don’t have smoked olive oil hanging out there — yet.

Video: Dr. Chef

Normally I think the emphasis on promoting Korean food’s health over flavor is not effective. That doesn’t mean don’t emphasize the healthiness. A new internet … Read more

Aspartame in Kimchi?

Cute little video from Cool Hunting of a Korean great-grandmother making kimchi. I did get a little worried when packets of Equal were being dumped … Read more

Bizarre Foods Video Central

This is the post where I’ll land videos that I find on the internet regarding the Bizarre Foods: South Korea episode. Promo: Noryangjin Fish … Read more

Crazy Korean Cooking

Been enjoying this new series. It’s low budget and silly, which I find so appealing. Galbi Japchae Gorgeous Korean women cooking, singing and being weird. … Read more