Banchan: Hey Waiter, My Rice is Drunk!

Here is a little news from the world of Korean food. On the heels of “topoki,” the Korean food globalization geniuses give us “Drunken Rice.” Personally, I think it’s a great brand name or band name. Fatman Seoul channels my thoughts...
Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos

Posted by shinshine My father is coming.  After moving back to Korea last year, my father’s visiting for a few days.  My mind is going in all directions and the first thing I think of is – I gotta clean out my fridge. Sometimes I end up with random...
Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a profile of the man who started the gourmet taco truck craze and was inadvertently one of the big boosts to Twitter in the early years (early as in late 2008)–Roy Choi.  Yes, the same Roy Choi of the Kogi Taco Truck.  The story goes...

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