kimchi jjigae

Tuna Kimchi Jjigae

  Northern Californian winters are all about cold dampness — rain, lots of rain. For me, the only purpose for winter is to get the … Read more

Tov Tofu, Santa Rosa

Tov Tofu in Santa Rosa opened in late 2010 and is the latest Korean restaurant to open in Sonoma County, a winegrowing region about an … Read more

Super Probiotic Lunch

Eun Jeong had made a batch of yogurt the other day. It’s funny that for all our complaining that you can’t find unsweetened yogurt in … Read more

Zen’s Kimchi Jjigae

Recipe: Zen’s Kimchi Jjigae Summary: After tasting other people’s Kimchi Jjigaes and introducing some of my more western preferences, here’s my latest recipe for Kimchi … Read more