ZenKimchi is Korea’s longest running food blog, internationally recognized as one of the top sources for Korean food and restaurant information in the world. Download our Media Kit with prices and statistics.


We run a small business. We know how tough marketing is for cash-strapped small businesses. ZenKimchi is your low-cost high-return solution. According to our research, the highest distribution any of the English language magazines in Korea has is 28,000 copies per month. Assuming that’s one person per copy, that is 28,000 people reading your ad.

English Magazines Readers per Month

ZenKimchi Readers per Month




ZenKimchi averages over 31,000 visitors per month, viewing over 57,000 pages. That is quite more people seeing your ad and at a much more affordable cost. PLUS Your ad gets a free posting on the ZenKimchi Facebook page and tweeted to over 11,700 followers*

We also offer what no other media outlet offers: FREE ADS

If you have an event or weekly special, we will include it in our popular newsletter FOR FREE. No obligation. You don’t need to buy ANYTHING.

How do we keep prices so low?

Pixie dust. And we also are a lean operation with low overhead. We can afford to offer value to our sponsors. Simple as that. Download our Media Kit with prices and statistics.

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