Share, Savor, and Sing!

Meaty & Meat-Free Food Frenzy

Specially made for groups of vegetarians and meat lovers.
Finding it hard to book a restaurant in Seoul that caters to the diverse culinary restrictions in your group?
We have put together a 3-stop experience that pleases both carnivores and vegans.
  • Explore the traditional Insa-dong neighborhood
  • Have dinner in a classic hanok style restaurant that makes its own tofu
  • Enjoy succulent Pork Bossam wraps and vibrant fresh tofu treats
  • Learn some of the dark history of the neighborhood with a taste of the “Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk” in between stops
  • Dive into Korea’s traditional Fried Chicken & Beer culture, along with great vegetarian options
  • Bond over sing-a-longs in a private karaoke room (optional)

Welcome to Seoul’s Ultimate Team-Bonding Food & Karaoke Adventure!

Are you organizing a corporate work trip in Seoul and looking for an unforgettable experience that caters to everyone’s taste buds? Look no further! Our “Share, Savor, and Sing” experience has been specially designed to delight both vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers while immersing your team in the vibrant nightlife of Seoul.

Stop 1: Tofu Tales & Kimchi Wraps in Insa-dong

In the heart of the classical Insa-dong neighborhood lies a hidden gem—a restaurant that takes you back to traditional Korean homes. As you step into this charming eatery, you’ll be greeted with the aroma of freshly made tofu. Satisfy your craving for meat with the succulent Bossam—tender pork served with crisp, flavorful kimchi. For our vegetarian and vegan guests, we have a delightful array of dishes, including the famous green onion pancakes and bubbling soups that’ll warm your soul.

Haunted History

As we venture towards our second stop, let us treat you to a sneak peek of Seoul’s thrilling “Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk.” Experience chilling tales of the area’s dark history, murder, ghosts, and scandal—perfect for those who love a good spine-tingling story!

Stop 2: 1990s-Style Chicken & Karaoke Extravaganza

Get ready to relive the ’90s you never lived in a classic Korean fried chicken and beer pub! Feast on plates of mouthwatering fried chicken, tantalizing variations of fried potatoes, and refreshing fruit plates to keep the energy soaring. It’s an explosion of flavors that will have everyone’s taste buds cheering!

Stop 3: Private Karaoke Room Party

And here’s where the real fun begins—our optional private karaoke session! Bring your team together as you belt out timeless classics and today’s chart-toppers. From “Sweet Caroline” to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Dancing Queen,” an extensive collection of English language songs guarantees a sing-along dance party like no other. Watch as your colleagues reveal hidden vocal talents and create lasting memories together.

Why Choose our “Share, Savor, and Sing” Experience?

  1. Inclusive Experience: No more worries about accommodating diverse dietary preferences. We’ve curated a menu that pleases both meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans.
  2. Team Building: As your group embarks on this culinary and karaoke adventure, bonds will strengthen, and camaraderie will flourish.
  3. Unforgettable Nightlife: Discover Seoul’s vibrant nightlife as we take you to secret spots loved by locals.
  4. Guided Thrills: Our knowledgeable and friendly hosts will ensure your team enjoys every moment of the tour, sharing intriguing stories and tips.
  5. Safe and Memorable: Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Rest assured, we’ve got everything planned for an unforgettable evening.

So, why settle for mundane team outings when you can embark on a thrilling culinary journey followed by a karaoke extravaganza? Don’t miss out on this unforgettable “Share, Savor, and Sing” experience that promises to unite your team like never before. Reserve your spots today, and let the good times roll in Seoul!


  • Tour meets at a designated location near a subway exit. Please tell us if you need transportation. We can arrange it through a partner company for an extra charge.
  • We focus on creating authentic experiences, not touristy fancy outings. Don’t expect Michelin-starred restaurants. Expect better.
  • Maximum Capacity: 40

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