Unveiling the Enigmatic Shadows: The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk

Are you ready to explore the chilling mysteries and haunting tales that lurk beneath the surface of Seoul’s vibrant cityscape? Welcome to “The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk,” an extraordinary tour designed exclusively for our esteemed corporate clients seeking an unforgettable and spine-tingling adventure.

Tour Highlights:

Guided Ghost Walk

Prepare to be captivated as our expert guides take you on an immersive journey into the city’s shadowy past. Experience the shivers down your spine as you delve into chilling stories of ghosts, urban legends, and eerie incidents that still send shivers through Seoul’s darkest corners.

Haunting Historical Sites

Visit the city’s most notorious haunted spots, where centuries-old secrets and eerie happenings have left an indelible mark, hiding in plain sight.

Unravel the Paranormal

Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about traditional Korean beliefs in ghosts and the afterlife. Discover how these spiritual beliefs continue to shape the city’s culture and everyday life, even in the modern age.

Thrills and Team-Building

As you walk together through the neon lit streets, this unique experience will foster a sense of camaraderie among your team like never before. Shared heart-pounding moments and engaging funny stories will create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

Customizable Itinerary

We understand that each group has specific preferences and schedules. Our tour is fully customizable to accommodate your team’s needs, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for everyone involved.

Why Choose “The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk”?

Exclusive Experience: Dive into the lesser-known side of Seoul, exploring stories rarely shared in typical tours.

Unforgettable Memories: Venture into the unknown with your colleagues, forging unforgettable memories and stories to share for years to come.

Team Cohesion: A shared experience of thrills and chills will deepen the connections among team members.

Professional Guides: Our knowledgeable and entertaining guides will lead you through the dark alleys with their expert storytelling.

Safety Assurance: Your safety is our utmost priority. Rest assured, our tour is carefully planned and conducted with the highest standards.

After-Dark Adventure: Experience Seoul in a whole new light—its eerie and mysterious side that comes alive after dark.

Join Us in Unearthing the Enigmatic Shadows!

Embrace the unknown and embark on an extraordinary journey with “The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk.” This captivating tour promises to ignite your curiosity and courage, bringing your team closer while exploring the haunted secrets of South Korea’s bustling capital. Discover the darker side of Seoul together—reserve your spine-tingling adventure now!


  • 1.5 and 2.5 hour versions available with two distinct routes.
  • Stories involve PG-13 levels of sex and violence.
  • Tour meets at a designated location near a subway exit. Please tell us if you need transportation. We can arrange it through a partner company for an extra charge.
  • This is a walking tour.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Maximum Capacity: 20 per group. Contact us if you have more. Maybe we could figure out an arrangement.

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