The Boss's BBQ "Hweshik"

An authentic Korean company outing
Experience the Korean tradition of “hweshik,” the raucous office outing. This is the real company bonding dinner with drinks and singing.
  • Enjoy real pork barbecue grilled at your table
  • Practice Korean drinking etiquette
  • Try different savory pancakes and fried goodies at a secret pub
  • Imbibe a variety of traditional and modern beverages
  • Learn a few Korean drinking games
  • Have a sing-a-long in a private karaoke room (optional)

Experience “The Boss’s BBQ Hweshik” – An Unforgettable Korean Office Night Out!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind team outing in Seoul that blends the vibrant flavors of Korean barbecue, the thrill of hidden gems, and the excitement of a karaoke party? Look no further! Step into the world of corporate camaraderie with our immersive food tour that recreates a typical Korean office night out like never before.

Highlights of “The Boss’s BBQ Hweshik” Tour:

1. Sizzle and Savor at a Neighborhood Korean Barbecue Place

Kickstart the evening at a local Korean barbecue joint where the magic of grilling pork takes center stage. As the succulent pork sizzles on the grill, your team will bond over drinks, laughter, and the joy of creating delectable wraps with fresh lettuce and kimchi. Embrace the authentic Korean Hweshik spirit as you indulge in a carnivorous feast, setting the perfect tone for the night ahead.

2. Discover a Secret Pub Above a Market

Prepare for an exclusive adventure as we unveil a hidden pub above a bustling market. Delight in an array of mouthwatering savory pancakes and crispy fried treats, perfectly paired with a selection of traditional and modern beverages. During this stop, our knowledgeable hosts will introduce you to entertaining Korean drinking games, fostering team spirit and laughter.

3. Optional Karaoke Extravaganza

For the bold and the brave, the final stop offers a chance to unleash your inner superstar! In a private karaoke room, the team can sing their hearts out to popular sing-a-long songs, from classics to contemporary hits. Watch as colleagues take the stage, forming unforgettable memories that will be the talk of the office for months to come.

Why Choose “The Boss’s BBQ Hweshik”?

Authentic Office Night Out: Experience the essence of a real Korean Hweshik, immersing your team in the fun part of Korean corporate culture.

Hidden Gems: Venture beyond the typical tourist spots and explore hidden pubs and markets loved by locals.

Team Bonding: Strengthen team bonds through shared laughter, drinks, and the thrill of singing together.

Expert Hosts: Our friendly and knowledgeable hosts will ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Karaoke Fun: The optional karaoke session guarantees endless laughter and memorable moments.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Night of Flavor, Fun, and Karaoke!

“The Boss’s BBQ Hweshik” promises to be the highlight of your team’s time in Seoul. As you feast on sizzling barbecue, taste delectable treats, and embrace the camaraderie of karaoke, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Give your colleagues an extraordinary night out they’ll talk about for years to come. Book your “The Boss’s BBQ Hweshik” food tour now and let the Korean office night out tradition come to life in the heart of Seoul! Please note that this tour is tailored for groups who enjoy pork and are ready for an unforgettable adventure in Korean cuisine and culture.


  • Not for vegetarians or people who don’t eat pork. There are some foods available for guests with these dietary restrictions, but they may leave hungry. For a tour that caters to both vegetarians and meat eaters, try Share, Savor, and Sing.
  • Tour meets at a designated location near a subway exit. Please tell us if you need transportation. We can arrange it through a partner company for an extra charge.
  • We focus on creating authentic experiences, not touristy fancy outings. Don’t expect Michelin-starred restaurants. Expect better.
  • Maximum Capacity: 40

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