For all fitness levels

Experience Seoul in a novel way! Join a small group for a leisurely run down the iconic Han River. Catch the cityscape and feel the currents of the city. 


Your host Ju-young and Sunkyung will start with stretches before leading you on a 5-kilometer (~3-mile) safe run through an exciting stretch of the river that defines Seoul. 


This activity is for all skill levels. You can walk or run at your own pace. There will be breaks to play some unique Korean mini-games. The Seoul Run is a great way to meet people and experience the city.

The Seoul Run

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 min. Meet and Walk from Hapjeong Station, exit 7
  • 10 min. Stretching & Course Introduction 
  • 25 min. 2.5 km Walk & Run
  • 20 min. Break with Games
  • 25 min. 2.5 km Run & Walk
  • 10 min. Cool down with complimentary snacks 
  • 10 min. Walk to Hapjeong Station


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Please wear comfortable running shoes and attire. The run takes place outdoors, so dress for the season and the weather.


Your Team




Ju-young is a hardcore crossfitter and a runner. As an experienced runner who has finished a full marathon, Ju-young will lead the running session enjoyably and safely. 




Sunkyung is a vegan fitness enthusiast. Sunkyung will guide you through wellness and fitness cultures in Seoul.

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