I have finally gotten around to editing the second in a series of three or four videos of my week long trip to Osaka almost a year ago.

This picks up where “Part 1: Kyoto” left off. I had a hard time getting to Kyoto because there was little to no English on any of the signs. The only English at the Information Booth was the word “Information.” I took the slow trains up there and figured out that I could have been taking the express trains all along.

So an early departure ended up in a late return. It was night by the time I returned to Namba Station in Osaka. Kids were breakdancing in the courtyard. The streets were buzzing with locals and tourists looking for fun, food, and robot clowns beating on drums.

This, so far, has been my most fun video to put together. There were a few inside jokes and some bad, bad jokes in there. I eat some blowfish and survive. I had more danger eating Takoyaki, fried octopus balls. Those buggers come out hot!

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