How to Make Heart-shaped Eggs

Aeri’s Kitchen has a video on how to make heart-shaped Gyeran Mari 계란마리. This was so cute and clever I had to post it. Now, if only I could find a heart-shaped box for it.


Ultimate Korean BBQ Food Porn

Banchan: Park Ji-sung Whiskey. Seriously.


1 thought on “How to Make Heart-shaped Eggs”

  1. Hi Zenkimchi,
    wow.. thank you very much to post my video on your site. hehe ~~ heart shape box.. oh.. that will be great ~~~ 😀 btw.. I saw you on Korean tv.. KBS 30 minutes documentary..something..I know it’s long time ago.. but I watched it recent…and I said..”wow.. I know them..” It was very interesting to see you and your wife on tv.. ^^ anyway..have a good day ~~~


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