Ggaenip Pesto — The Video

If you haven’t checked out Koreanfornian Cooking yet, you should.    The host Tamar used to teach here in Korea, Chuncheon to be precise.  She’s just posted her version of Ggaenip Pesto 깨닙 페스토.  Particularly liked that she credited ZenKimchi for posting it a while back.  I should also give more credit where it’s due, for I got the original idea from Evil Jungle Prince, a great food blog that has since disappeared.


Joe in Newsweek Korea PLUS L.A. BBQ Festival

Vintage Review: On the Border


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  1. Since I have a BA in Mass Communications (with an emphasis in Journalism), I believe that proper attribution is very important to one’s credibility. Glad you enjoyed the video!


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