I know that technically a tomato is a fruit. In Korea, it is literally treated as a fruit. They are usually sold in the fruit section of stores. In my first year teaching kindergarten, the school served snacks to the kids every day. One time it was a plate of chunked tomatoes — with sugar on top!

I was also unpleasantly surprised when I made my first Bloody Mary in Korea, and the tomato juice was sweetened.

Then I was absolutely appalled when a friend of mine showed up at my house eating a tomato popsicle and offered one to me. I tried it, thinking that if she liked it so much, how bad could it be?

Oh, the horror!

Imagine a sweet candy with tomato paste lurking in the background. Which is also what tomato candy (I kid you not) tastes like.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see tomato ice cream and tomato cake someday.

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