The Twelve Days of Tteokbokki: a Recap

Tteok Korean recipe

Tammy completed an awesome task in creating twelve different recipes for tteokbokki from different corners of the world while bringing it on home to Korea for the finale.

Once again, here are the recipes.

Day 1 – Szechuan Tteokbokki

Day 2 – Thai Green Curry Tteokbokki

Day 3 – Madras Curry Tteokbokki

Day 4 – Korma Curry Tteokbokki

Day 5 – Arrabbiata Tteokbokki

Day 6 – Beef Bolognese Tteokbokki

Day 7 – Chicken in Mole Poblano Tteokbokki

Day 8 – Texas-style BBQ sauce with Tteokbokki

Day 9 – Buffalo Chicken Tteokbokki

Day 10 – Hawaiian Tteokbokki

Day 11 – Ottogi Curry Tteokbokki

Day 12 – Gungjung Tteokbokki (Korean Palace Rice Cake)


Recipe: Multi-colored TteokManduGuk

Banchan: Filipino Market Update


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