Dwaeji Bulgogi (Grilled Korean Spicy Pork)

Dwaeji Bulgogi

There is just something about pork smothered in spicy, sweet sauce, grilled over fire. The combination of fire grilled smokiness, mild pork, and honey-like spicy sauce is irresistible.

Lately, I have been craving dwaeji bulgogi 돼지불고기 (grilled korean spicy pork) ssambap 쌈밥 (lettuce wrap). Sometimes dwaeji bulgogi is called dwaeji bokkeum 돼지볶음, especially when it is pan-fried rather than grilled over fire – but the preparation and marinade is the same for both.

You will need to go to the market – preferably a Korean market – and get a few things:


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5 thoughts on “Dwaeji Bulgogi (Grilled Korean Spicy Pork)”

  1. Wow! Fantastic recipe~
    I usually tend to use 매실 extract- I don’t know eactly the English name-as one of the ingredients
    when I cook the Bulgogi.
    I also put  the sliced-ginseng in the marinated Bulgogi in order to balance of  yin and yang.
    The pork features ‘Yin’ and the ginseng features ‘yang’.
    According to the Oriental study , the pork is cold in nature and the ginseng is opposite.
    So ,I think it needs to get together.
    But It is solely my own personal recipe.
    Compare your  recipe with mine, please~
    Let’s share the recipe for the better food. hahaha~


  2. Thank you for the receipe. I have a question though… I live in Rio de Janeiro where I cannot find pork neck meat anywhere. I will try to make this recipe tonight with chicken, but of course it won’t be the same. I was wondering if there is another cut of pork that could be similar? I asked the guys at the butcher shop here if they had pork neck meat and the only type they have is dried and salted for feijoada (bean stew). Yuck.

    • Belly meat or meat from around the ribs. You want muscle that hasn’t had much of a workout so it can stir fry nice and tender. I also think a good fat ratio is crucial.

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  3. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.  I’ve been having to use a bottled sauce to make our daeji bulgogi, but now that we’ve gone primal/paleo, I have got to find an alternative.  I can hardly wait to try your version!


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