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Do you have leftover ingredients for patbingsu (팥빙수; shaved ice with sweetened red beans and mini rice cakes) still sitting in the refrigerator?  Well, I did.  After making it all summer long, it’s become too cold all of a sudden to enjoy patbingsu every day.

So I autumn-mized patbingsu my way.  I guess the name is a bit misleading, since there is no ice in the patbingsu cupcake.  But I couldn’t come up with a better name for these cupcakes that incorporate the essential patbingsu ingredients of sweetened red beans, mini rice cakes and condensed milk.  The cupcake itself is soft and moist from using oil and yogurt instead of butter.  The patbingsu ingredients are reminiscent of summer, but the warm, gooey-stickiness from melted rice cakes in the cupcakes has finally helped me transition my mind to autumn.  Sweet red beans in soft cake also takes you a step closer to the winter street snack of bungeo bbang (붕어빵; fish-shaped cake filled with sweet red beans).



condensed milk   연유   (yeon yu)

milk                    우유   (wu yu)

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