Just in time for Halloween, not that I intended that in any way or I can force any relations between bibimbap and Halloween, here comes my first self-produced cooking video on crispy bibimbap (recipe).

I submitted this to the Delicious Seoul Story cooking video contest, in which they choose 5 entries based on the number of views, ‘like’s, and creativity among other things.  The finalists will be invited to Seoul, Korea for a final round of cooking in front of judges and will be treated for various Korean food experiences.

With my late entry, I only have today to get the views and ‘like’ votes, so please follow this link to ‘like’ my video on Youtube and help me visit Korea in November.

At any rate, the contest deadline became a good motivator for me – I’ve wanted to put up complementary video clips to my blog posts for a while because of, well, obvious reasons.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video clip is worth…a lot of pictures.

Now I’ve shot and edited my first cooking video, I commend anyone who does this on a regular basis.  In the process of making this 3-minute clip which took too much time and made me watch my endless faults endless times, I also had a lot of fun with it.  I plan to post complementary video clips once in a while, maybe going back to some of my previous dishes and of course for my future trials.

I hope you enjoy the video clip.  If nothing else, it’s 3 minutes of good laugh.  Imagine me all dressed up, cooking and talking to myself all afternoon.

Go ahead, laugh at me, laugh with me.  I also hope that it shows you how easy it is to make crispy bibimbap at home and how delicious it really is.  Even if it doesn’t, I hope it brings you at least a sliver of smile.

For my previous blog posts on crispy bibimbap, click the link below.

Crispy Bibimbap, Revisited February, 2011

Crispy Bibimbap January, 2010

By the way, it’s bizarre, weird and worrisome to have blizzard-like snow in October, but I couldn’t help myself getting really excited about it.  I mean that in the ‘sitting at home watching the snowfall outside’-kind of way, not the ‘let’s go outside in the snow’ way.  Here is a picture of the first snow of the season in NYC from yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.

Snow - Oct 29 2011
Happy Halloween and stay warm!

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