Fried Seasoned Zucchini (호박볶음 hobak bokkeum)

Fried Seasoned Zucchini (호박볶음 hobak bokkeum)

Zucchini are coming into season in California now, and I received a medium-sized one in my community-supported agriculture package last week. I could have again made 호박전 hobak jeon (zucchini pancake), which is always tasty. Another option was 궁중 떡볶이 gungjung...

Jiri Mountain Eats – Eden Restaurant

If you find yourself in the vicinity of popular tourist spot Jiri mountain, I’ve got a must-visit bibimbap restaurant for you to try out. Eden Restaurant, or, 에덴식당, keeps odd hours and you’ll need to call in advance to check their availability and make a...
Tammy’s top 10 banchan

Tammy’s top 10 banchan

Korean food would not have the same appeal to American masses without 반찬 banchan. That’s the name for the collection of samples of veggies, herbs and fish-filled fare in little dishes across the table in a common Korean meal. Traditionally, banchan accompanies...

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