ZenKimchi on Arirang (again)

ZenKimchi on Arirang (again)

Eun Jeong and I are on Arirang Today, um, today.  It’s a magazine show on Arirang TV.  It’s a bit about the globalization of Korean food.  Got a free meal out of...

Free Bizarre Foods Episodes

Apple and The Travel Channel are running a promotion where you get free TV episodes on iTunes, called “Passport to Spring Break.” I’m posting this because “Bizarre Foods” and “No Reservations” episodes are on there, and...

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in Korea

I asked if you could guess which celebrity chef was in Korea. One of you guessed correctly. For a couple of weeks, Eun Jeong, a few valuable friends and I have been helping the production of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” set up locations, food...

Guess Which Chef Is in Korea?

Been involved with hooking this show up with restaurants, guides and research and suggestions the past few weeks. If you read the other blogs, you know which show this is. Can’t reveal much more until it airs. There will be some fun behind-the-scenes tales and...

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