Ilpoom Andong Soju — The REAL Stuff

Ilpoom Andong Soju — The REAL Stuff

ORIGINAL POST (Sept 5, 2007) You think you know soju? I thought I knew soju. It’s cheap enough in Korea to become easily acquaintable. I can only drink it when I’m in the mood for it. I recently did some more research on soju for an article I wrote for...
Soju Games

Soju Games

“I’m getting too old for this shit.” – Roger Murtaugh, Lethal Weapon I thought I knew drinking culture. I guess I just don’t go out and party like I used to. Any time I hear about some drinking game or tradition, people respond,...

Did I Hear ‘Yogurt Soju?’

Soju. The national drink of Korea. I think it’s one of the biggest selling spirits in the world. The Thirsty Traveler said something akin to that. I had mentioned before that I had discovered some great soju cocktails at Indio. Since then, I have successfully...

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