Jaws Food

Jaws Food

Location: Franchise Cuisine: Bunsik (Korean snack food) Reservations: No Suggested Items: Ddeokbokki (chewy rice cakes), Twigim (fried stuff), Kaetnip Twigim (Deep fried stuffed perilla leaf) * Please help complete this review by adding information in the...

S’more Gyeongdan

  S’mores!  The combination of graham crackers, gooey marshmallow and chocolate is an American classic that has found so many sweet applications, like cupcakes, bars, shakes, etc.  So it’s only natural that I try my own take on s’more for an...
Nurungji (Scorched Rice) Chips

Nurungji (Scorched Rice) Chips

I always have some cooked rice, in the freezer or kept warm in the rice cooker.  This is pretty common for many Korean families without them really having second thoughts about it.  It’s like air and water that I only notice the lack of its existence on the rare...

The Twelve Days of Tteokbokki: a Recap

Tammy completed an awesome task in creating twelve different recipes for tteokbokki from different corners of the world while bringing it on home to Korea for the finale. Once again, here are the recipes. Day 1 – Szechuan Tteokbokki Day 2 – Thai Green...

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