Review: Something's fishy with Kiss-myun Spicy Chicken Ramyeon

Review: Something's fishy with Kiss-myun Spicy Chicken Ramyeon

I  admit I eat 라면 ramyeon (ramen) once in a while. I’ve even made a ramyeon dessert once, but I’ve never reviewed ramyeon before. When I saw packages of Ottogi Kiss-myun aka Kiss noodles at my local Korean grocery store, I was drawn more by the name than...

Stone Korean Restaurant, San Francisco

Posted by Tammy Stone Korean Kitchen is the newest Korean restaurant in San Francisco, officially opening in November 2009. To be fair, I waited four months for any mistakes or deficiencies common to all new restaurant ventures to be resolved. The restaurant is...

Adventures in Dining, or How to Nut Your Wine

I’m not a very good restaurant reviewer.  I think it’s because I worked in kitchens through college, and I study classic techniques and keep up with all the new-fangled stuff.  Gimmicky restaurants don’t dazzle me.  I see through the tricks and know...

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