Mini Potatoes in Soy-Honey Glaze

If you have access to Trader Joe’s, you might have noticed bags of teeny tiny potatoes there, appropriately tagged as “Teeny Tiny Potatoes.”  Not only are they cute, but the size of these potatoes – no bigger than your thumb – lets you...

Potato Sujebi, Korean Gnocchi Soup

Sujebi is one of the most popular, simple dishes all year round in Korea, especially on rainy days and cold days.  I consider it a cousin of kalguksu (칼국수; knife-cut noodles), but its quick dough of white flour and water is torn with hands and dropped right into...

Tip: Pork Tenderloin Ain't So Pricey

We were at the Anyang Central Market the other day, and I was in the mood to grab a rack or two of ribs. I noticed that pork tenderloin was priced at W700 per 100 grams. Doing some calculations, that comes out to W3,171 per pound. A quick glance on U.S. prices, and...
Spicy Garlicky Potato Side Dish — Gamja Jorim

Spicy Garlicky Potato Side Dish — Gamja Jorim

This is a simple potato side dish that Eun Jeong whipped together one night and has been making frequently since then. It’s a good garlicky peppery addition to any meal. Jorim, or Jorida (the verb), means to cook a food in a way so that steam and pressure force...

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