Banchan: Choco Pies vs. Cold Noodles

vs I know. This whole March Madness thing keeps us in a cage match spirit. But a few stories have been brought to our attention. John Feffer in The Huffington Post uses Choco Pies and Naengmyeon to relate the differences between South Korean and North Korean cultures...

Foodies in the JoongAng Daily

The JoongAng Daily has a piece on food bloggers, particularly Chalica Park of Vegetarian in Korea, Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats and there I am with the lovely Danielle Buckley of Wonju Wife (and Zenkimchi). Foreign foodies flock to the...

Banchan: Wine and Korean Food

GO YU-NA! I guess you heard about our little superstar. And now the banchan: Dr. Vino wonders if Korean food is impossible to pair with wine and then is surprised. Obviously hasn’t read much Josh Hall Asian wine goddess Jeannie Cho Lee’s recent gala at the...

Banchan: Filipino Market Update

Here are a few items bouncing around the web. A petition started on Sunday to help save the Hyehwa Filipino market Nonetheless, here’s how to make Pinoy Adobo in Korea Jenny at Food Coma 911 enjoys the New Year with relatives and a massive gallery of food A cat...
Banchan: A Little Non-internet Fame and REAL Globalization

Banchan: A Little Non-internet Fame and REAL Globalization

Here’s what’s been happening in the Korean food blog world lately: Maangchi interviews über-food-blogger David Liebovitz about his Korean food prowess in Paris Dan of Seoul Eats and Vinestock Thomas will be on KBS1 at 8 p.m. tonight I’m sure...

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