Banchan: 'Drunken Rice' is No More

Buried in this JoongAng Daily piece, it looks like the government has backed off on promoting makgeolli’s new punk rock name, “Drunken Rice.” Turned out there was an instant public outcry from both Koreans and non-Koreans. Basically, it went along...

Banchan: Hey Waiter, My Rice is Drunk!

Here is a little news from the world of Korean food. On the heels of “topoki,” the Korean food globalization geniuses give us “Drunken Rice.” Personally, I think it’s a great brand name or band name. Fatman Seoul channels my thoughts...
The Makgeolli/Makkoli Debate by Andrew Salmon

The Makgeolli/Makkoli Debate by Andrew Salmon

ZenKimchi note: This is in response to the article and corresponding video written and produced by Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats regarding the promotion of 막걸리 overseas.  I appeared at the beginning of the video, which was taken at Dan’s 30th birthday party and...

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