Review: New Garden Restaurant, Los Angeles area

Review: New Garden Restaurant, Los Angeles area

Written by Taeyang Yoon Rowland Heights restaurant known for jajangmyeon Continuing our journey down the ‘Korean’ section of Colima Road in Rowland Heights, we stop at one of my favorite places. I have been coming here on a fairly regular basis for a few...

Go Hyang Tofu Restaurant, Los Angeles area

Written by Taeyang Yoon There is a pretty nice Korean community in the Rowland Heights/Diamond Bar area on the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties. Along Colima Road, between Fullerton Road and Fairway Drive, you can find a number of Korean and Chinese...

Two versions of Korean tacos

Posted by Tammy Since 2010 seems to be the year of the Korean taco truck, I decided to bring this popular Korean fusion food to you. I’m serving up a So-Cal  vs. Nor-Cal face off between two very different versions. California is Korean fusion cooking central,...
Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a profile of the man who started the gourmet taco truck craze and was inadvertently one of the big boosts to Twitter in the early years (early as in late 2008)–Roy Choi.  Yes, the same Roy Choi of the Kogi Taco Truck.  The story goes...

Man Bites World: South Korea

Roboseyo at Hub of Sparkle brought this to our attention.  Noah Galuten, who has been trying to eat the cuisine of a different country each day and document it in Man Bites World, has posted a great, almost poetic, piece on his adventures in Los Angeles’s...

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