Recipe: Chamchi Jeon (Korean tuna cakes)

Recipe: Chamchi Jeon (Korean tuna cakes)

Many keep some cans of tuna in the pantry as an inexpensive source of protein. But for a number of Americans, the only purpose for canned tuna is tuna salad or cat food. Veer from the deep-rutted tuna salad trail with this easy recipe for 참치전 chamchi jeon. These...
Review of Korean taco truck Seoul on Wheels

Review of Korean taco truck Seoul on Wheels

I found Seoul on Wheels at the Eat Real Food Festival in Oakland, Calif. at Jack London Square. Julia Yoon was serving up a truncated menu of Beef, Chicken, Pork or Tofu Korean tacos and spicy chilled noodles. We tried the chicken and beef Korean tacos. They were very...

The Olive Garlic Roll

I’ve heard the rumors of its existence. My crack photography skills caught a glimpse of this freak of nature: Dunkin’ Donuts’ Olive Garlic Roll. It’s like a cinnamon bun but with garlic and olive oil instead of stuff that should be in a pastry....

Garlic Pie

I was on a PKW (Pregnant Korean Wife) craving run at the store when I came across a box of cookies that had this in hangeul. Oooh, “Gallic Pie!” Some super French pastry–hey! What’s that clove of garlic doing there… whut… uh…...

Ice Cream for a Dentist’s Kid

I love summer’s new ice creams! This one is called Al Gum Bar. What makes this one unique? Yes, it contains sugarless gum with that magical tooth enhancing ingredient, xylitol. Actually, I think it’s the Xylitol brand gum, which, okay, does have xylitol in...

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