Corn Ice Cream

Continuing my fun with 50% off ice cream, the second interesting item I found was corn ice cream. Did they really mean corn? Corn corn? … Read more

Maori Thanksgiving

Just a note that this entry is participating in the Morsels & Musings Festive Food Fair. If you were following from the main blog, we … Read more

How to Make Cheese!

Yes, I may be starting an ominous trend in bathtub cheesemaking by foreigners — that is, if foreigners actually had apartments with bathtubs. I saw … Read more

Ppeppero Day

   Children get all excited about this day, Ppeppero Day. Ppeppero comes from the Korean root meaning “skinny.” These are skinny cookie sticks dipped in … Read more

A Night at the Sauna

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve made an entry. I’ve been packed busy with creating a system to move all the school’s activities onto … Read more

A Series of Goodbyes

It’s been a melancholy two weeks. I’ve been busy with school, which is my mantra these days. Thankfully, it’s backed down from putting out daily … Read more

Osaka Castle

Again, Namba Station is a BIG station. It is so big, it has two subway stops. After missing my stop, I found my way to … Read more