The Olive Garlic Roll

I’ve heard the rumors of its existence. My crack photography skills caught a glimpse of this freak of nature: Dunkin’ Donuts’ Olive Garlic Roll. It’s … Read more

Sh-wing, How We Miss You

Just had a little wistful moment remembering a great little place in Apgujeong off of Rodeo Drive called Sh-wing. It was a great spot to … Read more

Audio: Korean Food Survival

Here’s a recording of my hour-long talk on basic kitchen survival skills and how to cook foreign food in Korea when there’s only Korean food … Read more

TEDx Seoul and KOTESOL Talks

The two presentations turned out well. The TED event was full of energy–passionate intelligent people. It also helped the mood that there was a little … Read more

A Day at the Filipino Market

Thanks to the comment section, I’ve found International Underground, a web site and group that helps give voices in Korea that are usually kept silent. … Read more