Review: Kokoro Bento, Bukchon Village, Seoul

Review: Kokoro Bento, Bukchon Village, Seoul

On our first full day in Seoul on a 10-day trip to Korea in mid-May, hubby and I spent a good part of the afternoon wandering the streets and alleys of Bukchon Hanok village. My goal was to find the 한옥 hanok (traditional Korean house) featured in the Korean TV drama...

Two versions of Korean tacos

Posted by Tammy Since 2010 seems to be the year of the Korean taco truck, I decided to bring this popular Korean fusion food to you. I’m serving up a So-Cal  vs. Nor-Cal face off between two very different versions. California is Korean fusion cooking central,...

Stone Korean Restaurant, San Francisco

Posted by Tammy Stone Korean Kitchen is the newest Korean restaurant in San Francisco, officially opening in November 2009. To be fair, I waited four months for any mistakes or deficiencies common to all new restaurant ventures to be resolved. The restaurant is...


Eun Jeong made some kimbap a while back, and the lighting was really good that day. The kimbap was good too. She set up her mise en place on the floor (our floor is very clean since we don’t wear shoes in the house). This included some blanched spinach, strips...

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