Korean Kitchen Hacking: The Turducken Roll

Korean Kitchen Hacking: The Turducken Roll

Being Korean American, my family had a lot of learning to do in the American culture department. Peeled apple on a chopstick was my lollipop.  I once heard Oprah say that moms who lovingly cut the crust off their kids’ sandwiches – THAT was love.  I needed...
Korean Pear Charoset

Korean Pear Charoset

Last year, I posted a recipe for charoset that was decided non-Korean. This year, I decided to rectify that by making a Korean-style charoset for you. I took my new charoset recipe to our annual Passover seder and it was a big hit. As I said last Passover, The...

Chuseok Spread

This post has been delayed because I haven’t been able to think of anything intelligent or snarky to say. So when I can’t think of anything, I guess it’s time for FOOD PORN!! I was invited to my first official Chuseok ceremony a few weeks ago. I had...

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