Salade a la dorade crue sauce coreenne

Salade a la dorade crue sauce coreenne

Cela fait un moment que l’Occident a découvert les mets de poisson cru. Depuis, nous avons vu tant de restaurants de sushi et cela proposant tous à peu près les mêmes choses. N’est-ce pas maintenant qu’il est temps de changer et varier le plaisir de...
Gochujang Pasta

Gochujang Pasta

Gochujang (고추장) is one of Korea’s most important “mother sauces.” It is the backbone of many popular recipes: 닭갈비 dakgalbi, 김치찌개 kimchi jjigae and 떡볶이 tteokbokki. It’s also used to make 쌈장 ssamjang, the quintessential barbecue condiment....

Chocolate Gochujang Biscotti

  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is an easy kick for your chocolate biscotti.  They look ever so innocent with the dark chocolate color and hazelnut bits, but a subtle kick after a second or two will let you know things get more interesting here.  While...

Product Review: Annie Chun's Go-chu-jang PLUS Recipe

by Tammy Since December 2009, Annie Chun’s — yes, she’s a real person — and CJ Foods stirred up some controversy over the debut of Annie Chun’s gochujang sauce in the U.S. And some in the Korean blogosphere have been gnashing their teeth over this...

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