San Francisco protest against Korean consumption of dog meat

On July 6 for the sixth straight year, an animal rights group led a protest in front of the South Korean consulate in San Francisco over the raising of dogs and cats for food. A report published by the Korean Association for Policy Studies said that more than 2...

Do People Find This Funny?

I know I’m open-minded to a fault and will laugh at most anything, no matter how tasteless. I find Joe Wong funny. But this little parody spoof thingie from The Spoof named McMuttleys to Open New Franchise in LA Korea-town is highly cringeworthy. Just read this...

The Great Dog Meat Controversy

“The Korean” at Ask a Korean tackles the ultimate great Han controversy of eating dog meat.  I have to say that each year I’ve been meaning to delve into the subject, but summer passes too quickly.  Mr. The Korean articulates the points much better...

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