S’more Gyeongdan

  S’mores!  The combination of graham crackers, gooey marshmallow and chocolate is an American classic that has found so many sweet applications, like cupcakes, bars, shakes, etc.  So it’s only natural that I try my own take on s’more for an...
Experiment: Korean Petit Fours

Experiment: Korean Petit Fours

Trying to get into baking. I have an oven–something that is not too common in Korean households. So I should take advantage of it. I made a successful Coconut Rum Raisin Pound Cake a few weeks ago. Then I tried my hand at a Coffee Angel Food Cake, which ended up...

Patbingsu Cupcakes

Do you have leftover ingredients for patbingsu (팥빙수; shaved ice with sweetened red beans and mini rice cakes) still sitting in the refrigerator?  Well, I did.  After making it all summer long, it’s become too cold all of a sudden to enjoy patbingsu every day. So...

Kongbiji Green Tea Cookies

  Ever since I discovered how kongbiji (콩비지; soy pulp or okara) complemented cookies and tteok (떡; rice cake) with its subtly nutty bite and flavor, it became an ingredient I always keep in the freezer.  Although it is considered a by-product of making soy milk...
Review: Jade Chocolate's Confections Promote Free Flavor Love

Review: Jade Chocolate's Confections Promote Free Flavor Love

A little chocolate is like a love affair — an occasional sweet release that lightens the spirit. —Linda Solegato If chocolate is a lover, it’s not monogamous. Chocolate shares itself easily with most fruits, nuts, some legumes, tea wine and even flowers. Mindy...

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