Survival Guide to Korean Coffee Part I: The Basics

Survival Guide to Korean Coffee Part I: The Basics

Although Korea’s coffee market has matured in recent years, there are many places capitalizing on the trend but cutting all the corners they can. This is the first post in a four-part series by Steve Ward designed to teach you how to find the good...
Hidden kimchi: Java Hub, San Anselmo, Calif.

Hidden kimchi: Java Hub, San Anselmo, Calif.

Many assume the territory between San Francisco and Sonoma County wine country an hour’s drive north is bereft of Korean cuisine. I did, too, until I discovered one long-disguised as a coffee shop. Java Hub Cafe is Marin County’s only noted venue for...

Coffee Seolgi

I’m back to seolgi (설기), steamed cake made with rice flour, sugar and water at its simplest form.  This time, together with instant coffee in milk and finely chopped walnuts, a new seolgi is born as an afternoon pick-me-up coffee cake that goes great with, what...

Surprising place to buy fresh coffee beans

[viddler id=649474c1&w=437&h=370] Posted by Steve Ward Not all E-Marts have the roasters, but it seems like the big ones do and it’s usually by the wine, not the other coffee. Steve Ward has been living in Seoul for nearly five years now and has dabbled...

Buying Coffee Beans from the Chains

Posted by Steve Ward I was asked recently by a friend what the price range was for buying coffee beans specifically at the import chain coffee shops. I happened to have my video camera with me so just decided to pop into the places around my office and see for myself,...

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