Baru Gongyang 바루공양

Baru Gongyang 바루공양

Cuisine: Buddhist temple cuisine Reservations: Recommended Suggested Items: Set menu, Ju-Jeon-Boori, Omija-Tangsu Other Amenities: English menu Phone:02.2031.2081 Website: http://www.baru.or.kr Location   * Please help complete this review by adding information...
Buddhist Temple Style Watercress

Buddhist Temple Style Watercress

We had the pleasure today to take a little journey to Sanchon 산촌, a fairly famous restaurant in Insa-dong. Famous, you say? It’s the place known for Buddhist temple cuisine.  Remember a while back I did an article about temple cuisine? Oh, you don’t. Okay,...

Korean Buddhist Temple Cuisine

A few weeks ago, I went to an event in Seoul educating foreigners about Korean Buddhist temple cuisine. While there, I met a few interesting folks. At least two of them knew about it through the blog. (Cool!) One of the attendees, Y.W. of The Will to Blog, recently...

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