A Peek Inside the Secret British Embassy Pub

I had the privilege Friday evening to spend a short but glorious evening at the pub located in the basement of the British Embassy in Seoul. It’s closed to the public, but if you know someone you can get your name on the list. It’s only open on Fridays...

Ready for some Good Beer?

We’re getting closer to the event, so we’d better do some more plugging. Our friends at Homebrew Korea will be holding a “Smash-off” on June 12th at the Gecko’s in Jukjeon. It’s a bit of a homebrewing competition. Even if you...

Another History of Beer in Korea

Here we go again with the “Korean beer sucks” comments from folks who think that long-neck Buds are fine drinkin’. Hey, I’m posting this for historical curiosity. A year ago, the Joonang Daily came out with a piece detailing the history of...

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