2010 CHAMPION: Jeju Black Pork Samgyeopsal

There we have it folks!

After a two day battle Jeju Black Pork Samgyeopsal beat Dalk Galbi for the national championship 39-25. They are celebrating in the streets of Jeju-do!

Well, not really. But I think I know what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. To gloat, here are some more Samgyeopsal pics.

Feel free to add links to your Samgyeopsal photos in the comments.


Video: Dr. Chef

Audio: Korean Food Survival


5 thoughts on “2010 CHAMPION: Jeju Black Pork Samgyeopsal”

  1. I’ve had free range black “dak galbi” before. It was slightly gamey, but great tasting over all. I wonder if the black samgyeopsal tastes gamey?


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