Roasted Turkeys at E-Mart

I’d heard that they did it last year but didn’t see any hard evidence.  Today, we received a sell sheet for E-Mart advertising the usual sales when something caught my eye.

“홀 터키 바베큐 예약판매”

“Whole Turkey Barbecue Reservation Deal”

84,500 won.

You have to reserve the turkey four days in advance from now until January 3rd, inside the store at the deli corner–where they sell pre-cooked foods.

Just another option if anyone’s interested.

The point is that it looks like turkey is slowly getting a foothold.  It’s becoming easier to find.  It’s now at my local E-Mart in the Anyang ‘burbs.


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5 thoughts on “Roasted Turkeys at E-Mart”

  1. I see smoked turkey in hofs sometimes…ordered it, quite horrible. The sauce of course is sweet mustard.
    Duck sounds better.

  2. I can’t stand duck! Yuck! But you’re right. I can’t believe how easy it is to find turkey in Korea now, even if it’s so expensive you’d have to sell your firstborn to afford it. LOL!

  3. For Tgiving, some friends and I had a smoked turkey delivered from Seoul for 70,000 won. I was surprised at the quality – it was quite a succulent bird. With a can of cranberry sauce to boot.


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