Happy New Year from Team ZenKimchi!

From shinshine


Childish, maybe, but did the picture make you smile?  I think that’s a great start to a new year.

These are gyeong dan (경단), a kind of rice cake made with sweet rice flour, shaped like little balls, boiled, and often rolled in various powders/flakes.  Here they are rolled in mung bean (녹두; nok du) powder.  The face pieces are picked from a mulling spice packet.  The snowman’s hair is inspired by the unofficial style for cooks extrapolated from the show Top Chef and the snow-woman’s head pieces by Princess Leia cake and ‘sheep head‘ (양머리; yang meo ri).  They are filled with toasted walnuts, dates soaked in rum and sugar.

It is really snowing outside…Happy New Year!

New Year새해(sae hae)
rice cake (in general)(ddeok)
snowman눈사람(nun sa ram)

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