Yujacha Rolls

In my quest to find more alternative uses for 유자차 yujacha (Asian citron marmalade tea) beyond the traditional Korean hot drink, I came up with … Read more

Yujacha Salmon (Spicy Citron Sauce)

Some might think my love affair with 유자차 yujacha (Asian citron tea) has become an obsession. So far, I’ve made yuja chicken, yuja butter, yuja scones, and yujacha hamantaschen (triangle-shaped filled cookies usually eaten at the Jewish festival of Purim).

Now there’s yujacha salmon, a simple glaze that will add zippy tang to your salmon. It would also make an excellent dipping sauce for chicken strips or spring rolls.

French Toast With Yujacha Syrup

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Candied Yuja Peel

My quest for fun, tasty alternative uses for 유자 yuja (Asian citron, a.k.a. yuzu in Japanese) and the yuja marmalade commonly used to make the … Read more

Yuja Curd

Receiving a generous gift of a large bag of organically grown 유자 yuja fruit — Asian citron, rare in the U.S. — continues to spark … Read more

Sesame Butter

Sesame Butter

After my Yujacha Butter experiment, I decided to explore the world of compound butters a bit more. I bought a book on the subject called … Read more