Taco Chili Chili 타코칠리칠리
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  • Taco Chili Chili 타코칠리칠리
  • Published on: October 3, 2009
  • Last modified: March 21, 2018
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Review Summary:

Taco Chili Chili is a nice little lunch stop in the restaurant strip down from Noksapyeong Station.  Expect to have fast food style tacos and burritos.  What I like about TCC is they use corn tortillas as well as wheat flour tortillas.  The Taco al Pastor is their least expensive item, and it's like a good old fashioned Taco Bell Tostada circa 1979 with the addition of cilantro.  This is Tex-Mex, so expect to get glopped down with sour cream and gooey cheese, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.  It gets crowded during lunch, and they have outdoor seating.

UPDATE (December 2013): They have since added Mexico City style rotisseries for their al Pastor. It's been a pleasant upgrade.

Cuisine: Tex-Mex
Reservations: None
Suggested Items: Taco al Pastor, Fajita Grande, Enchilada

Other Amenities: English menu

Phone: 02.797.7219


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