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  • Published on: June 5, 2011
  • Last modified: March 21, 2018
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Review Summary:

Shy Bana is the classic example of taking a culture's food and trashing it. They boast about serving American southern cuisine, but the execution is anything but. The gumbo is more like a meat spaghetti sauce with sliced hot dogs. The macaroni and cheese is just macaroni with Cheez Whiz, which is a shame because I bet it would be cheaper to make the authentic version. The soft shell crab salad would be perfect except that they drizzle on some dressing that tastes like grape soda. On a positive note, the coleslaw isn't so bad.

Location: Soraemaul, Gwanghwamun, and other locations
Cuisine: American (Southern)
Reservations: Accepted
Suggested Items: Hmm… the sides?

Other Amenities: English menu

Phone: 02-536-2441



How the FUCK is this gumbo? And served with a shitty burned biscuit.

Macaroni and Cheese. Cheese freshly scraped from the cook’s butt crack. Smelled like it, at least.

Soft Shell Crab Salad with the syrup from grape soda.

More pictures on Flickr.

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