The Examiner reviews Toyose, a Korean hof in San Francisco that serves the now popular Korean fried chicken, along with Korean beers and yogurt soju cocktails. Sounds fairly authentic from the article. They have Haemul Pajeon (“pizza-sized seafood and scallion pancake…crisp on the outside, soft inside”), Kimchi Sogogi BokkeumBap (“kimchee and beef fried rice…red, moist, vinegary, hot of course, topped with a fried egg”), and they even have AlTang (“fish roe, pickled vegetables and tofu in a chile paste-reddened broth boiling away in a stone hot pot”).

Yet the author may have been on a few soju cocktails when the chicken came out with the “shredded cabbage in creamy pink chile-spiked dressing.”

In Korea, the cabbage is served with just mayonnaise and ketchup. Sometimes it’s stirred together. That’s why it’s pink. And it’s never “chile-spiked” or anything interesting beyond that.

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