Our friend Injoo is great at finding deals. One night he said, “Let’s go to Indio. Three dishes for just 11,000 won.”

I was suspicious, but it turned out to be great. Since then, I’ve been introducing more and more people to this place. It’s the perfect place to kick off a Friday night.

First of all the menu is extensive. Pick three things from the menu. It’s all in Korean, but if you can read just a little hangeul, it’s not hard. I haven’t checked, but they may have an English menu available. Really, you could just blindly pick three things and chances are that it’ll all be good.

The food isn’t fancy. It’s good grubby bar food. And it comes in big enough proportions to feed three people easily. We’ve made it a goal to go down the menu to try as much as we can — something different each trip.

Bacon vegetable stir-fry.

Potato gratin, which is different types of fries and tater tots with cheese sauce and ketchup. Dang good.

Some spicy crap I can’t remember.

Deokbokki (chewy rice cakes) with beef — lots of black pepper.

More greasy spicy food.

The beer is pretty cheap at Indio. 2,000 won for 500cc draft beer. That’s another bonus.

The other interesting deal for drinks is their list of soju cocktails, which include lemon, peach, apple, grape, and — yogurt.

I saw that on the menu and HAD to try it. It’s soju mixed with drinking yogurt and lemon lime soda.

And I found a new favorite drink.

We’re gradually going down the list of soju cocktails.

We did the apple. Pretty nice.

And the peach. Reminded me of being back in Atlanta.

This is also the home of the best “shake-em-up” dosirak box I’ve tried.

Indio also seems to be the hot spot for the younger crowd. It’s a lively boisterous atmosphere that’s different from other Korean restaurants and bars. It’s more my type of place. It’s not super brightly lit like a lot of restaurants are. It’s not one of the pretentiously fake blacklit whiskey bars. It’s relaxed.

And there are frequent appearances of Soju Man.

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