Sh-wing is a small restaurant in Apgujeong that serves American-style buffalo wings. It is one of our favorite spots.

Because it’s far away from most of us, we tend to go only once every one or two months. We usually go during their all-you-can-eat wings time slot.

The staff there is great, especially the spunky waitress who runs the place.

They have made some changes in the past year. New wings have been added to the menu, including Oriental BBQ and Garlic Teryaki. I like them, and they break what used to be a monotony of hot, hotter, and hottest choices of flavors. They have also recently changed their dipping sauce from ranch to blue cheese (yea!).

Still, their claim to fame is a wing flavor called the “Krazy Korean.” These are particularly evil. It’s not that they’re hot — they’re sneaky.

Many times a person will eat one and not think it’s very hot. So he eats two more. Then the volume on the heat starts turning up at the back of the tongue and travels to the lips, where the victim starts drooling uncontrollably and tries to drink beer and suck in breath to allieve this new suffering brought upon him.

It is our tradition to start each night of wing-eating by eating at least one Krazy. It christens the evening. The beer flows. We help ourselves to more wings and more dipping sauce. And we watch the pretty women walk by outside. It’s a great evening.

There’s also a good video from November 2004 of Sh-wing.

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