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  • Mimine 미미네
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  • Last modified: March 21, 2018
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Review Summary:

Mimine (pronounced MEE-mee-nay) is owned by this young entrepreneur Mimi, and it basically serves two things: ddeokbokki "soup" and fried shrimp. These are exceptional best-in-class (whatever marketing BS jargon you want to use) treats.

Serious. Let's start with the fried shrimp. Mimi actually has a patent on her recipe. They're served whole, and I encourage you eat them head and all. You have three different salts at your table: basic sea salt, garlic salt, and seaweed salt.

Look at all those crumbly battered bits! In fact, more battered bits come with the shrimp, and you can even buy cups of them to go.

The ddeokbokki soup is spicy but not too sweet. It's peppery. The ddeokbokki themselves are tender, not too chewy. Those crumbly batter bits? Toss them on your soup.

My thing to do is dip a shrimp in the soup and then tap it in some seaweed salt. Chase it down with some Hite Max on tap--relatively inexpensive, too. And we have the perfect snack joint when you're just having that junky craving that is health food for your soul.

There are locations in Hongdae and D-Cube City (Sindorim).

Location: Hongdae, Sindorim
Cuisine: Bunsik (Korean snack food)
Reservations No
Suggested Items: Gukmul Ddeokbokki (Ddeokbokki “Soup”), Fried Shrimp

Other Amenities: Some English

NOTE: Pictures are from former location


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