Jumunjinhang 주문진항
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  • Jumunjinhang 주문진항
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  • Last modified: March 21, 2018
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Review Summary:

This seafood restaurant is a true diamond. Located next to the famous Lamb Land, it specializes in Jeollanam-do cuisine, particularly MulHui. This is a chilly spicy sashimi soup. It's not a dish you find very common in Korean restaurants. And when you do, there is usually just one kind. Jumunjinhang has nine different kinds, depending on the type of seafood you want. I'm particularly adventurous and like the sea squirt (MongGe). The owners are passionate about their food. They've given us freebies every time I've gone. Another good sign is their banchan is always flavorful. They don't put out any half-ass side dishes. They have lunch discounts, which I think is the best time to go anyway. They get crowded on the weekends because of their sashimi. But it's really the MulHui that's the pearl.

Location: Mapo-dong
Cuisine: Korean (South Jeolla Province)
Reservations: Accepted. Especially need them on weekend evenings.
Suggested Items: MulHui, Hui DeopBap

Other Amenities:

Phone: 02-714-1233



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