Bulgogi Brothers 불고기브라더스
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Review Summary:

Welcome to the T.G.I. Friday's of Korean food! Let's find a way to take all the fun and soul of Korean cuisine, suck the life out of it and serve it in a sterile corporate setting while raising the prices and pushing expensive cheap wines on the customers. I'm really trying to find something nice to say about Bulgogi Bros. If it is your only choice for Korean food, give it a shot. If there's any other type of Korean restaurant nearby, you'll get better food at a cheaper price. Barely any banchan. Western-chain-in-Korea style service (meaning, highly neglectful). Meat that would be at home served by the free sample ladies at E-Mart. But it's a clean interior with booths and a pretty menu. This place was designed for rubes.

Location: Chain
Cuisine: Korean
Reservations: Accepted
Suggested Items: Beats me

Other Amenities: English menu


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