Korma Curry Tteokbokki in my trusty cast iron skillet

Posted by Tammy

The Fourth Day of tteokbokki continues our culinary journey in India. Today’s inspiration is Korma Curry, which is a staple of North Indian Mughlai cuisine. The recipe for Korma curry goes back to the 16th century, when Persia’s Mughal Empire controlled much of India.

This packs some decent heat, but Korma curry certainly has lots of flavor. The basic recipe comes from Sukhi’s.com, which is a San Francisco Bay area company that produces a popular line of Indian curry pastes and sauces.

1 lb Garae tteok noodles (soaked for about 10 minutes in hot water)
1 packet Sukhi’s Korma Curry Sauce
¼ cup whipping cream
¾ cup water

In saucepan, add Garae tteok, Sukhi’s Korma Curry Sauce, and water. Mix ingredients together well, and simmer on medium high heat. When tteok is cooked, stir in cream. Bring to boil. Serve hot.

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