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Most American families (even the non-Irish ones) enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The green beer, green clothes and joyous “Kiss me, I’m Irish” spirit brings Americans of all ethnicities together. After you have sat down to your homemade traditional corned beef and cabbage meal, there’s the question of what to do with the leftovers.

I would like to suggest you try out a Kimchi Reuben sandwich with a side of sweet-potato french fries to put some Korean flavor in your St. Patrick’s day leftovers.

This recipe was originally featured in a video I posted on YouTube in September 2008. The recipe starts at the 1:39 mark.


*There isn’t much of a difference between corned beef and pastrami. Pastrami is corned beef which has black peppercorns, seasoned salt, garlic, basil, and allspice added for flavor.


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